• Christmas Savings Plan for 20 weeks
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    Christmas Savings Plan

    Some easy and fun Christmas Savings Plan to help you save $1000.00 for your Christmas Shopping. I know we are in the middle of Summer, so why should we be thinking about Christmas, plus less Christmas Shopping or even a…

  • Clear Vision for your future
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    Clear Vision

    These are ways to help you have a clear vision for this new year. To help you let go of any extra baggage that’s in your life. As we close out a decade and wait for another to start, we…

  • 4th of July Wreath
    DIY's,  Life Moments

    DIY 4th Of July Wreath

    This 4th of July Wreath is made with Clothes Pins. It is an easy, fun and a cute project that you can do with your children for the 4th of July Holiday. Everywhere you turn, all you see is red,…

  • Spring Cleaning Tips
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    Spring Cleaning

    These tips for Spring Cleaning are simple, easy and effective for all the rooms in your home. Plus, a Free Spring Cleaning Checklist for you to follow as you go. Spring Cleaning shouldn’t just be done during the Spring season.…

  • New Year's Resolution
    Life Moments

    New Year’s Resolutions

    These New Year’s Resolutions are simple and realistic, that you can easily accomplished little by little. Happy New Year everyone! We have made it! Yay! Well, it’s the second week of January, all the excitement and partying is over with…