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DIY Candle Holders

DIY Candle Holders

DIY Candle Holders adds beauty and elegance to your home.

It stands out even though they are small decors.

These Dollar Tree DIY Candle Holders are simple, easy and affordable.

I am very frugal.

So I try to look for projects that wont cost me too much money, but at the same time looks good and will be used within my house.

Doing these DIY Candle Holders with Dollar Tree items, allows you to change them whenever you get bored with a particular one.

Plus, imagine creating candle holders to match the current season.

I went to Dollar Tree one day and saw these items and I started to create them as I go along.

For the black rope candle holder, I had to make another trip to find the rope.

But with Dollar Tree 7 minutes away from me, it wasn’t a problem for me.

With these Candle Holders, you will be doing a lot of gluing.

So make sure you have a lot of glue stick available to use in your glue gun.

Plus, the E6000 glue.

This is a very strong glue.

Just make sure you allow it to dry overnight.

You can find all these items at your local Dollar Tree, except for the E6000 glue and the glue gun.

I bought both of them at my local Walmart store.

How to make the DIY White and Gold Diamond Wrap Candle Holder

Items you will need

  • E6000 glue
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • 2 pairs of gold candle holders
  • 2 white and gold jars
  • Adhesive Diamond Wrap (gold)
Items to make the white and gold diy candle holders.


  1. The first thing to do is to glue the two different candle sticks together with the E6000 glue. One has a circle top and the other has like a square top. So you can decide which one you want at the bottom.
  2. Then I glue the white and gold jar at the top to finish it off. But I wasn’t done there. I think it was looking too simple. So I used some on the Adhesive Diamond wrap, measure and put them on in a vertical position.

These Gold and White Diamond Candle Holders are very simple but kinda look expensive in a way.

Below is the finish product…Gold and White Diamond Candle Holders.

White and Gold DIY Candle Holders.

How to make DIY Black Rope with Gold Candle Holder

Items you will need:

  • E6000 glue
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • 3 candle holders
  • 1 Tall glass jar
  • 1 small glass jar
  • Black rope
  • Adhesive Diamond Wrap (gold)


  1. Put two candle holders with both tops glued together. Then glue the small glass jar on the top of it.
  2. The next one is to put one of the tall glass jar with one candle holder and glue. Repeat to make two.

I didn’t want to leave the middle candle holder like that. So I decided to glue some black rope around it, to bring it to another level by using the glue gun.

When I was finish with the middle candle holder, I realized that the two side candle holders didn’t matched up with it. So I covered them with the black rope too.

Wrapping the black rope around the candle holders.
DIY Black Rope with Gold Candle Holders.

So I wrapped both of them with the remaining rope that was left.

Also, I add the adhesive diamond wrap around the three of them to bring out the black more… just two rows for the side candle holders and one row for the middle candle holder.

I told you they were simple and easy to make.

You can make these within an hour.

It’s just the wrapping of the rope takes more time and focus.

But I believe you can do it.

Please let me know what you think about these Dollar Tree DIY Candle Holders in the comment section below.

Thanks for stopping by and please come back again.

Blessings & Love, as you carry on, on your YouNique Journey!