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Clear Vision

Clear Vision

These are ways to help you have a clear vision for this new year.

To help you let go of any extra baggage that’s in your life.

As we close out a decade and wait for another to start, we have to make sure that we are evaluating ourselves.

We cannot keep looking into the rear view mirror.

No blinders on. You have to have a clear vision.

These aren’t some New Year’s Resolutions like this post, but tips to keep us focused and determined to win.

To have a clear vision on what we want for this new year and who we want to be.

Sometimes we have to step back and see what is happening around you.

This new decade means change.

It means not making the same mistake as you have done in the past.

But to push through to becoming a better you with no apologies; and in order for us to do that, we have to make some hard decisions.

Cut off any negative or toxic person to have a clear vision.

Cut off any negative spirit, that prevents us from having a clear vision.

Whatever that drains our energy, needs to be cut off.

This means anyone or anything that always bring us down or make us feel less than who we are.

We don’t need to be around anyone or anything that steals our joy, peace and happiness.

So it’s simple, just cut it off.

Put yourself first in whatever decision you make, it should make you feel at peace.

You should never place your happiness in someone else’s hand.

Let go of any toxic friend or relationship, no matter how many memories you have created.

Let go of any dead weight to have a clear vision.

Let go of any dead weight.

We have some people in our lives that are dead weight.

Put it this way, there are some people that are so quick to bring us to our grave.

Yep! They want to see you down.

They don’t want to see you win.

So you have to let go of any dead weight.

Yes, lighten your load so you can have a clear vision for your future.

Create a vision board to have a clear vision of your life.

Create a Vision Board

It’s important to visualize who we want to be in the future.

We can create a vision board with images (newspaper or magazines clippings) and quotes of people that inspire us.

A vision board can help us concentrate and stay on course of what we want to accomplish for our future.

We eat, breathe and sleep what we constantly see each day by looking at it as often as possible.

It becomes apart of our lives.

Remember, a picture means a thousand words.

Live in the moment.

Live in the moment to have a clear vision.

At a certain point in our lives, we may lose sight of what or who is important to us.

We tend to think that being busy means success, which is far from the truth.

Sometimes we have to slow down before we get slowed down.

You have to be silent and watch every and anything around you.

The very moment we do this, we will get a clearer understanding of what life means and therefore have a clear vision of who we want to be.

When you have a clear vision in life, it helps you see things that you may not have seen before such as your weaknesses.

It even allows you to see opportunities that were standing right in front of you.

Please let me know what you think about these ways to help you have a Clear Vision for the new year.

Thanks for stopping by and please come back again.

Blessings and Love, as you carry on, on your YouNique Journey!